Our Impact

80% of participants rated their first-year experience of postsecondary studies as very good

Our Impact

80% of participants rated their first-year experience of postsecondary studies as very good

Since its beginning, ColaborativoPR has been committed to collecting and analyzing data. We have also worked with independent consultants that have evaluated the program yearly, allowing us to better achieve our program’s goal of helping students prepare for applying, registering and completing a postsecondary degree.

Impact & Results

Class of 2018



graduated in 2018 from the two secondary public schools in Loíza

100% received at least 15 hours of University Planning Counseling

80% visited one or more postsecondary institutions

84% completed the FAFSA application

77% felt better prepared for college compared to 37% from previous classes


registered at a postsecondary institution


received support from postsecondary institution partners


retention rate during their first year of postsecondary studies

An increase of 7% of Loíza’s population ages 18-19 years enrolled in an educational institution was registered 2018 during the 2013-2018 period. This is good news, but it is still far from Puerto Rico’s average. 

18 to 19- year old registered at an educational institution (U.S. Census 2013-2018)


These are some of the things ColaborativoPR participants are saying about the program:

“ColaborativoPR helps you achieve all your university goals and is committed to each and every participant reaching their goals.

Adeyska Pizarro Ortiz

Escuela Hotelera

“It is a program with the objective of helping you to study, to finish what you would like to do. For example, I did not know what I wanted to study or if I wanted to study, until I started working with the CollaborativePR team, then I began to get motivated. I set a goal, it was not easy, but I did it.”

Jocdean Manso Mojica

Interamerican University- Fajardo

“There is a very big difference between having a dream and knowing how to reach that dream; the CollaborativePR is that bridge between the dream and reaching that dream.”

Laryzabeth Correa Robles

University of Puerto Rico- Carolina